Increase leads with a consistent social media presence

Increase leads with a consistent social media presence

There are many benefits to posting consistently on social media. Let’s name a few:

  • Increase traction and brand awareness
  • Develop authority within your industry
  • Boost SEO and overall visibility
  • Build a loyal and passionate audience
  • Save money on paid marketing
  • Increase leads

There is, however, one thing standing in most marketers’ way, and that’s time. Generating content and new ideas to populate all of your social channels feels like a major undertaking. But according to Social Media Examiner, 66% of marketers generate leads from social media after spending only six hours per week on social marketing.

So how can you achieve similar results?

The easiest way is to repurpose the content you already have. You don’t always have to create everything new. You just have to bring existing pieces to life in new ways and different formats to maximize your reach. Here’s the AdPipe formula for repurposing video content:

  1. Take a look through your entire video library (even the outdated ones….especially outdated ones!)
  2. Look for moments great moments that exemplify key brand messages. Ask yourself these questions: Are there great imagery moments that represent our brand or the humanity of our workforce if we remove the audio? Are there impactful soundbites that are relevant if we remove the rest of the video? Are there cool still moments if we take a screen shot of our video? Are there sequences of images that would be great as a looping GIF or reel? Are there impactful clips that could be further elevated if you added current copy, graphics or designs to them?
  3. Combine your old imagery with your new graphics and build a library.
  4. Version these assets in all appropriate sizes. Horizontal works well for LinkedIn, Email, YouTube and Facebook. Square works best for Facebook and Instagram. And vertical can be useful on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snap.
  5. You now have countless differentiated pieces of content ready to go. Congratulations! Post it somewhere to engage your audience consistently.
  6. Watch results roll in and repost or boost the pieces that perform best.

Does that sound like too much work?

Automating this process is the driving force behind AdPipe. You don’t have to do this manually. If you’d like to use tech to do this for you, get in touch.

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