The platform that captures the power of your brand

Put your message in motion across every channel and get closer to the people who matter most – your customers. 

Create campaigns that earn your customer's click

You don’t want to make a boring visual. And your customers don’t want to click them. Start connecting on a deeper level with motion-based ads.

Generate a continual stream of content that builds trust and drives revenue

The AdPipe platform makes it incredibly easy to create, share, and track motion-first creative and campaign copy for ads, emails, and landing pages. Start with a story. Reinforce with your message. Share with the world.

Video Repurposing

Do more with the videos you already have by using the most impactful moments and clips in a new way.

Intuitive Generator

Create new assets effortlessly with our intentionally simple motion-based asset generator.

Limitless Customization

Tweak your creative to work for each business unit, department, or objective – with one click.

Video Auditing

Get all your best video clips pre-trimmed and ready to repurpose. Hand over hours of footage, and we’ll do the rest.

AI-Powered Copywriting

Generate written content for any campaign or channel with a single click and fend off hours of writers’ block.

Digital Asset Management

Store all your critical graphics, source videos, clips, and campaign creative in an organized, actionable way

Trackable Sharing

Monitor the ROI of each asset with shareable links that track clicks and conversions for each channel.

Centralized Library

Give access to your entire video and custom asset library and share campaigns with ease.

Consistent Visual Identity

Build a consistent, recognizable, and repeatable brand identity that spans across every digital channel.

Get more clicks. Get better clicks.

Ditch the static images and stock photos for the conversion-boosting power of motion. See how Yancey Bros amplified their recruiting efforts with a motion-first ad:

"I never knew using motion could be so easy"

You don’t need expertise in motion graphics or hours of spare time. You just need one video.

Your AdPipe team of customer success managers, animators, and designers will work with you to bring that one video to life and turn it into dozens of assets for each of your main use cases.

See AdPipe in action

Create your first motion-based asset and start driving meaningful results.

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