Technical Support Agreement

Last Updated: February 10, 2023


The following describes the technical support services (“Technical Support”) that AdPipe shall provide for the support level purchased by Customer (“Support Level”) as stated in the Order Form. The following terms may be updated from time to time, however, for each Order Form, the terms effective as of the execution of the Order Form shall apply for the duration of the applicable Subscription Term.

1.               Scope. The purpose of Technical Support is to address defects in the Platform that prevent the Platform from performing in substantial conformance with the applicable Documentation. A resolution to such a defect may consist of a fix, workaround or other relief reasonably determined by AdPipe’s Technical Support staff.

2.               Severity Levels. Each support ticket shall be categorized by Customer into one of the following severity levels.

Severity Definition
Severity Level 1 Severe error that results in the Platform experiencing complete unavailability and halting transactions with no workaround.
Severity Level 2 Serious error that results in a major function of the Platform suffering a reproducible problem causing either major inconvenience to Users or consistent failure in a common functionality.
Severity Level 3 Error that results in a common functionality experiencing an intermittent problem or a consistent failure in a less common functionality.
Severity Level 4 Service requests such as sandbox refreshes, SSO setups, and other how-to type of questions.

3.               Support Levels. Technical Support staff will respond to and update each support ticket in accordance with the following timelines

Support Level
Online Ticket Submission,
Phone Support

Severity Level 1: 24×7

Severity Levels 2-4: Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm EST

Support Contacts
Maximum of 3
  Response Times Update Frequency
Severity Level 1 2 hour 4 hours
Severity Level 2 1 business day 2 business day
Severity Level 3 3 business days 4 business days
Severity Level 4 7 business days 7 business days

4.               Customer Responsibilities.

4.1.           Customer shall designate no more than the number of Customer Users (“Designated Support Contacts”) set forth above who may contact and interact with AdPipe in connection with Technical Support requests. Customer’s Designated Support Contacts shall answer questions and resolve issues as needed when they arise from other Users of the Platform. Customer’s Designated Support Contacts enter support request tickets, work through Technical Support issues with AdPipe, and take action as needed to implement the resolution to the issue. Customer agrees that AdPipe may communicate and follow instructions to make changes to Customer Content and/or Customer’s instances, with its Designated Support Contacts via email, phone or through the Support Portal.

4.2.           Customer shall ensure that Customer’s Designated Support Contacts are trained on the use and administration of the Platform. Customer shall ensure that the name, contact and other information for these Designated Support Contacts are current in the Support Portal. Customer may replace Designated Support Contacts by updating the applicable information in the Support Portal, provided that at no time may Customer have more than the number of Designated Support Contacts permitted based on its Support Level.

5.               Support Exclusions. AdPipe is not required to provide resolutions for immaterial defects or defects due to modifications of the Platform made by anyone other than: (a) AdPipe; or (b) anyone acting at AdPipe’s direction. Technical Support does not include professional services for implementation, configuration, integration or customization of a Platform or custom Platform development, training or assistance with administrative functions.

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