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After 10 years in the video production business building Chispa House, Sam and Andrew had captured hundreds of incredible stories on film for the world’s top brands. Marketers would post this longer-form content a few times, and then it was on to the next one.

Those videos still had a ton of value waiting to be extracted, so Sam and Andrew set off on a mission to make it easier for marketers to repurpose existing videos in new ways.

They spent two years building a software that could transform an organization from static to motion-first. AdPipe was born.

Motion yields results

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Building a motion-first content command center

We are on a mission to transform static content into messages in motion. We are personalizing, humanizing, and localizing our customers’ brands in an instant – with the videos they already have.

We live in a motion-first world

The very best parts of the human experience are grounded in motion: hugging a loved one, celebrating with friends, dancing, going on an adventure.

Motion builds connections

We interact more deeply with messages that mimic our human experience in motion. Motion better captures small sparks of humanity.

Motion drives results

Motion-based content has been proven to yield 300% increases in email clicks and 66% increases in leads. When motion’s used well, it massively improves ROI.

We make motion as easy as static

Motion has historically required special skills so most marketers settle for motion. AdPipe simplifies motion creation so anyone can leverage it.

Meet the team

We are runners, bakers, and sports fanatics. We hail from different cities, we disagree about pickles, but we’re united by a love of feedback and an obsession with our customer.

Andrew Levy - CEO

Andrew Levy

Cofounder & CEO

Sam Birdsong - COO

Sam Birdsong

Cofounder & COO

Dan Dresselhaus

Dan Dresselhaus

Head of Engineering

Sean Ogawa - Head of Product

Sean Ogawa

Head of Product

Josh Rosenbaum

Josh Rosenbaum

Head of Marketing

“Marketers are under-resourced and overburdened. It's time to change that. We built AdPipe to make motion accessible to all.”
Andrew Levy

Andrew Levy

CEO of AdPipe

Become a pipette

Come join the explorers, the challengers, and the dreamers behind AdPipe.

If you believe feedback is fuel and you love leaning into the hard problems, you’ve come to the right place. Connect with us on LinkedIn to see if we have any positions available.

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