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AdPipe is an AI-powered video marketing platform that makes it easy for hub-and-spoke businesses to scale video creation and be Video-First!

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AdPipe is a video marketing platform built for hub-and-spoke businesses who want an easier way to create and distribute more brand compliant video content throughout their organizations from the national to the local level.

Unlock Your Media

Describe what you want to see and use, and AdPipe’s powerful AI Search retrieves relevant, brand-approved clips and soundbites from your footage library in seconds.

Deploy More Video
with Drops

Drops are batches of fresh video assets served through AdPipe from the national office to the local level on a regular basis. Drops deliver increased utilization and more value.

Empower Your Teams To Do More With Video

Simple workflow automation makes asset creation, customization, and localization easy for everyone, with just a few clicks.

“You create content. I just don’t know any other way to put it. You’ve got video pieces, you’ve got content – boom! Done, and it’s out there. It’s as simple as that.”

– Kim L, Vice President of Strategic Services

Changing the Game for Hubs and Spokes

For Hubs, the AdPipe platform represents a better way of creating and distributing content at scale. For Spokes, AdPipe means getting the content they need, and being able to easily tailor it for their markets before deploying.

Save money, maximize investment

Effortlessly transform your existing video and images into more fresh, high-quality creative, maximizing your investment returns and reducing costs up to 200%.  Greater efficiency, more content, better performance, higher ROI.

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Less time, more output

Seamlessly search and find media, trim videos, apply bespoke motion graphics, craft compelling campaign copy, and generate new assets in just minutes. Reclaim valuable time while boosting productivity and gaining against your broader business goals.

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Improve CTR and generate revenue

Elevate your advertising game by creating visually stunning and highly effective motion-based ads proven to boost clicks. Triple your conversions and outshine static content, building reliable revenue streams to help reach your goals.

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“We assumed AdPipe was in a lot of ways a highly useful software tool, but it’s become a lot more than that. It’s become now a way for us to collaborate and learn how to do motion-first content and to strategize with [AdPipe] and really take your expertise and follow your lead. That’s been invaluable.”

– MJ P, Senior Marketing Strategist,

Transform your brand from static to motion

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