Putting LinkedIn Marketing in Motion

Discover how Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co. boosted followers by adding more movement to their LinkedIn posts

Construction‍ & Forestry

Park City, Kansas

Marketing Director:
Sonia Cox

Key Statistics:

Stat 1 : 3+ motion-based social posts a week

Stat 2: 70% increase in video content over 6 month period

Stat 3: 6% increase in followers on LinkedIn

Two Decades of Constructing Excellence

For more than 20 years, Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co Inc. has been providing quality construction equipment to its customers. It’s grown in that time, operating 29 locations and employing 650 people spread out across five different states. 

Though they sell a variety of equipment types, including Wirtgen, Kleemann, Hamm, and Vogele, Murphy Tractor is perhaps best known for selling John Deere products. Presently, they are one of John Deere’s largest North American construction equipment dealers.

Behind this powerhouse organization is a small but mighty marketing team, headed by Marketing Director Sonia Cox. Among other responsibilities, the marketing team creates fresh content for social media, where they average more than 20 posts a month.

The Goal

While Murphy Tractor posts on all the major social networks, Sonia wanted to boost their engagement on LinkedIn. 

According to LinkedIn, 4 out of 5 of the people on the social media site are the ones that “drive business decisions”. And since major equipment purchases tend to fall into “decision maker” territory, it’s a social network Murphy Tractor wanted to invest in. 

As Sonia put it, Murphy Tractor wanted “to make sure we capture share-of-mind of [our] customers, so when the time for a decision to make a purchase or a rental of equipment comes, we are part of that decision-making process.”

The trick is to post regularly. LinkedIn found that if a company has an active page, it sees 5x more page views than companies that don’t update regularly. That content is even more effective when it includes video, since LinkedIn states that members shared video 20x more than any other type of post.

So Sonia was in the market for a solution that would allow her to post video and post it frequently.

The Challenge

It’s hard to scale when you’re short on assets and manpower. Sonia said, “I have a small team. We don’t have a lot of capacity, so every second counts.” In fact, up until recently it was just her and one intern sharing posts for the whole organization. 

While they could access John Deere assets, those were housed in an opaque asset management system that made it very hard to search. When you found a video, it was unclear if it had a shot you’d need. And if it did, you might have to scrub through a whole video to find it, which took a significant amount of time. 

In addition, when the marketing team found an asset they wanted to use, it wasn’t necessarily ready to be posted. Usually Murphy Tractor animations and graphics had to be added before posting. For instance, static images needed logos added to them. And any text they added to images or videos had to be in specific fonts and colors. Typically this additional work was done in a third-party software, like Canva.

In June 2023 (before AdPipe), 50% of Murphy Tractor posts were static images. Another 18% were links to YouTube or videos reshared from other sources. Native video that was posted by Sonia’s team only made up about 29% of content. They didn’t post GIFs or images with movement. “We had not really explored how to make something static like a picture have some sort of dynamic presence,” Sonia said.

Sonia Cox, Marketing Director, Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co Inc.

The Solution

Sonia was skeptical that a single tool could help speed up production of complex assets, like video. Still, when John Deere’s Construction and Forestry division offered to let her test out AdPipe as part of a pilot program, she decided to give it a try. Since then, she’s seen some impressive improvements. 

  • Search has been sped up. Sonia can now search for exactly what she needs, and the A.I. computer vision in AdPipe returns accurate, visual search results. Often, the search unearths content Murphy Tractor didn’t even know was available to them. And when it comes to video, AdPipe search saves time by opening assets directly to the relevant section – no hunting or scrubbing through hours of video.
  • There’s a library of assets at their fingertips. Since assets are no longer locked away in a challenging asset management system, Sonia has a searchable library of over 9000 John Deere assets to mix and match and turn into new content. She can even break down longer videos into shorter clips, allowing her to create multiple videos out of one longer promo or forgotten b-roll.
  • Visual elements keep graphics on brand. “AdPipe helps us be consistent in our branding,” Sonia shared. Her team can now quickly customize assets with Murphy Tractor branding using animations and graphics AdPipe created just for the company.
  • Work can be done with fewer tools. Sonia can find a video she needs, make cuts to get it ready for LinkedIn, and add Murphy Tractor-branded graphics all within AdPipe, further speeding up her workflow.
  • Static assets have new life. “What I learned through AdPipe is to add movement,” Sonia said. If she wants to draw attention to a static image, she can add an animated feature, like a logo or fly-in text. It takes minutes to do and has resulted in a boost in organic engagement for those posts.
Sonia Cox, Marketing Director, Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co Inc.

The Results

With AdPipe, Sonia’s team is able to consistently post the high-ranking video and motion-based content that LinkedIn loves. 

Since Murphy Tractor has been putting out more motion-based content – videos and static images with moving elements made up 63% of content in December 2023 – they’ve seen a corresponding growth on LinkedIn. In the first 90 days of using AdPipe, they’ve added 300 new followers –  a 6% increase.

While they’re producing better content, they’re also producing content faster. According to Sonia, “The start of AdPipe has allowed us to shorten that process to create something worthy of being pushed out for consumption.” The Murphy Tractor team is no longer spending hours hunting down the right asset or designing static images in Canva. 

Instead, Sonia and her team are able to find assets quickly with AdPipe, customize them with branded visual elements, and schedule them to go out on social. The process has cut days off her schedule. For example, in January 2024, they were able to plan out the month’s posts – and create them – in just three days, freeing up the Murphy Tractor marketing team to work on other things. 

That freedom is opening the door for Murphy Tractor to create more high-quality content for even more channels – with AdPipe, of course.

Key Takeaways

Item 1: Posts with motion get more attention on LinkedIn

Item 2: The faster you can search, the faster you can post

Item 3: You can give old content new life by repurposing it for social

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