Getting More ROI from Every Video

Find out how Stotz Equipment gave their existing videos new life using AdPipe


Avondale, Arizona

Corporate Marketing Manager:
Savannah Bayci

Key Statistics:

Stat 1: 9 out of 10 social posts go through AdPipe

Stat 2: 23% increase in click-through rate

Stat 3: 2.66% industry standard click-through rate

A Family Business That Keeps on Growing

Stotz Equipment started more than 70 years ago as a family-owned John Deere equipment dealership. They’re still family owned, but the company has grown over time, and now boasts 500 employees in 24 stores across eight U.S. states.

Each store is an integral part of its community, investing in local organizations and working to build long-term relationships with its customers. They also still keep a full line of John Deere equipment, offering agriculture, compact construction equipment, commercial turf maintenance, and other types of equipment available at their locations. 

There’s one Marketing department that provides ads and social media for the whole company. The team, headed by Senior Marketing Manager, Savannah Bayci, is responsible for creating compelling marketing that works across all 24 locations.

The Goal

The Stotz Marketing team wanted to add more video to their marketing. According to MJ Phillips, Stotz’s Senior Marketing Strategist, “The motion-first content is such a priority because statistically, the engagement is so much higher with motion or video-based content.”

They had invested in video in the past, but they wanted to find a way to get more value out of their video assets. A single video could cost $10,000, and the team was only using a video a couple of times before it faded from use – that wasn’t enough to justify the cost.

So they were on the hunt for a tool or set of tools that would let them create video and motion-based content faster – preferably using the content they already had.

The Challenge

Stotz had a few challenges to overcome before they could reach their goal of creating more motion-based content. 

For one thing, any solution had to take into account the mobile nature of the team – part of the team was on a hybrid schedule and the rest worked remotely. 

In addition, the team was working with an assortment of tools – putting content in Dropbox, OneDrive, or Sharepoint – so that it was difficult to find what they already had. 

The other problem was they didn’t have much content to begin with. They were able to pull from John Deere’s asset management system for additional content, but that system was challenging to search through. That meant a person could spend hours hunting down, not only the video they wanted to use, but the exact moment in the video that was relevant to their work.

Savannah Bayci, Senior Marketing Manager, Stotz Equipment

The Solution

When AdPIpe reached out to Savannah, it was a case of just the right tool at just the right time. She and her team started using AdPipe and saw some immediate benefits, including:

  • Stotz can recycle existing content. AdPipe lets them repurpose existing content in a way that feels fresh. That way, Stotz can create a ton of content even though their pool of assets is limited.
  • The team has one tool that lets them collaborate. Instead of needing a suite of products to produce regular motion-based content, the Stotz team is able to rely on AdPipe as their asset storage, media creator, and copywriter. Everything is kept in one place, and the team can access all their assets, even if they’re working remotely.
  • Assets are easier to find. Using AdPipe’s computer vision A.I., Stotz was able to get more accurate results when they searched. And because search results in AdPipe are all visual and jump right to the relevant part of a video, it doesn’t take long to quickly review results and find just what’s needed.
  • They have unexpected help in writing content. Stotz was able to use AdPipe’s A.I.-powered Copywriting tool to produce social media posts or ad copy, then add it right to their motion-based content in AdPipe.
  • They have backup from AdPipe. When Stotz needed custom sizing for a stadium ad or if they just didn’t have time or resources to design something on their own, AdPipe was able to offer custom creative help to get the job done.
MJ Phillips, Senior Marketing Strategist, Stotz Equipment

The Results

With AdPipe, Stotz suddenly had a tool that made it easy to find the exact asset they needed for a piece of content. The computer vision AdPipe employs allowed the Stotz team to jump to specific moments in a video, pulling images or video that directly related to their messaging. 

As a result, they were better able to recycle the material they already had. Instead of a video getting one or two uses, it could get turned into dozens or even hundreds of different posts. 

AdPipe allowed the team to create video clips from existing videos or even unused b-roll, then add graphics and messaging for a whole new piece of content. It meant the ROI for each video was higher, and the team needed fewer expensive video shoots to generate fresh material.

With the new content, the Stotz team was able to use AdPipe to create material for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, email marketing, and even stadium ads. At this point, 90% of Stotz social posts are created, at least in part, using AdPipe. According to Marketing Specialist, Christa Lopez, “I’ve noticed a faster pace of pushing things out, and it’s not like we push them because we have to get them done. They’re done well, and we push them out quicker.”

Savannah noted there’s also been a change to email marketing. “When we added motion graphics to our customer newsletter, we saw about a 1.2% jump in our overall click rate. Our performance was below average and is now considered above the industry average. Our graphics with motion added were consistently clicked on more on average than graphics without motion added.”

The team is also happy to have found not just a tool, but a partner in AdPipe. For instance, AdPipe designers have created custom animations and graphics or provided graphics in unusual sizes (like the one for the stadium ad) when Stotz needed them. 

It’s become so valuable to producing content that the Stotz team is almost hesitant to tell their story. As MJ put it, “I would really love for people to be all, damn, how do you put together video so quickly on your socials? I don’t want to give away the secret sauce.”

Key Takeaways

Item 1: Reuse assets to get more value out of your investment

Item 2: Movement helps boost click-through rate on emails

Item 3: Choosing the right tool can speed up your marketing

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