10 Rules of Scaling Video

10 Rules for Scaling Video

Hey there, marketers! Ready to level up your video marketing in 2024?

We’ve got 10 great strategies to help you stay ahead of the trends and make your videos stand out. Let’s dive in and get your audience engaged!

Below are 10 rules to follow that will empower you to swarm your marketing funnel with video and ensure success along your journey towards becoming a video-first marketing master!

1. You need to use more video

Because video marketing outperforms static marketing 12-to-1

2. You need to make more video

So you can optimize your entire marketing and sales funnel with videos

3. You need to simplify video creation with new technologies and tools

Because you are way too busy for the old way

4. The cost per video needs to go way down

Because you need a lot of video and it has a short shelf life

5. You need to repurpose more of your video 

So you can get more value out of your video investments.

6. You need get your video into market faster

So you do not miss a third of the promotion window every quarter

7. You need to empower more people to make their own video

Because more and more departments are requesting video and bandwidth is low

8. All the videos at your company need to be brand consistent and compliant

You need to make it easier for the rogue creators to stay on brand

9. You need to share the correct version of each video for each channel

So you can drive the most results

10. Your videos must be authentic, informative, entertaining, and watchable 

To perform at the highest level

Bonus: You should monitor your video results and make adjustments for improvement

Want to learn more?

Check out the live webinar where Sam and Andrew talk through the 10 rules for scaling video and download the interactive Video Field Guide!

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