68 Ways to Add Video to Your Marketing Funnel

68 ways to add video to your marketing funnel

The fastest-growing way to connect with potential customers is video. Online videos can now reach about 92% of internet users worldwide. And those videos are engaging. According to Hubspot, 66% of consumers watch videos to learn about a product or company.

So if you have video and your competitors don’t, you have a powerful way to set yourself apart. But if you don’t have a lot of experience with video, it can be difficult to come up with ideas and know when and how to deploy them. 

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a list of 68 different videos you can use to promote your business. To make it simpler to know when to use each of the videos on our list, we’ve further broken things down by where you’d use a video in your marketing funnel. What’s a marketing funnel, you ask?

The marketing funnel

A marketing funnel is a framework used to show the journey a potential customer takes from not knowing about your product or service to becoming a loyal customer. The funnel is called that because, just as a funnel gets smaller towards the bottom, the number of potential customers decreases as they progress through the marketing funnel stages.

Now, even if you’re familiar with the concept of a marketing funnel, you may not have learned how it relates to video. So we’re going to give you a breakdown of each stage in the funnel below, along with ideas for the types of videos you can use at each stage to connect with customers.

Video Funnel

In the Awareness stage, potential customers become aware of your product or service. To boost awareness, you should be creating ads, since you’re hoping to catch the eye of customers that don’t know about you yet. You’ll find the most ideas for this section since there are a wide assortment of ways to connect with potential customers. 

Paid social media

  1. Facebook Feed ads
  2. Facebook Stories ads
  3. Instagram Feed ads
  4. Instagram Stories ads
  5. Instagram Reels ads
  6. TikTok ads
  7. YouTube Feed ads
  8. YouTube Shorts ads
  9. Twitter ads
  10. Demand-side Platforms that buy and sell ads in real time (Google Ads, Trade Desk, etc.)
Ad example from Murphy Tractor

Television and streaming

  1. TV Commercials
  2. Netflix ads
  3. Hulu ads
  4. Amazon Prime ads
  5. Max ads(formerly HBO Max)
  6. Other streaming ads(Peacock, Pluto TV, Sling, Paramount+, etc.)

In-person advertising

  1. Tradeshow loop
  2. Outdoor digital signage
  3. Airplane seats
  4. Public location ads (stadium, airport, etc.)
  5. Public transportation
  6. Auto / In-vehicle videos
  7. In-store loops
  8. Movie theaters

Interest video ideas 

This is the stage where potential customers show an interest in your product or service. They may start researching more about it, visiting your website, reading content, or engaging with your brand on social media. For video ideas, consider organic social video or videos you can share on your website. Here are a few options:


  1. Website loop
  2. Explainer video

Organic Social Media

  1. Linkedin Feed
  2. Instagram Reels
  3. Instagram Stories
  4. Instagram Feed Carousel
  5. Facebook Feed
  6. Facebook Reels
  7. Facebook Stories
  8. YouTube
  9. YouTube Shorts
  10. TikTok
  11. Snapchat Stories
  12. SnapChat Spotlight
  13. X / Twitter Feed
  14. Pinterest
  15. Other social (Twitch, Kick, Reddit, etc.)

Consideration video ideas

At this stage, potential customers are actively considering your product or service as a solution to their problem or need. They might compare it with alternatives, read reviews, or seek more detailed information. This is where you’ll see videos that offer more detail about products, your company, and your customers, including:

  1. Testimonials
  2. Video Case Studies
  3. Webinars
  4. eCommerce product video
  5. VR Experiences
  6. Interactive Kiosks
  7. Video Games
  8. Wearable / Internet of Things (IoT) videos
  9. Recruiting Fair
  10. CSR (Corporate social responsibility) / ESG (environmental, social and governance) 
  11. Investor Relations

Conversion video ideas

This is the ultimate goal of the marketing funnel. At this stage, potential customers become paying customers by completing a purchase or taking another desired action, such as subscribing to a service. At this point, you’re working with videos that help close the sale, such as:

  1. Website landing page
  2. Drip email campaigns
  3. Account-based marketing
  4. Sales email
  5. Sales presentations
  6. Texted videos
  7. Phone apps

Loyalty video ideas

Satisfied customers may become advocates for your brand, spreading positive word-of-mouth, leaving reviews, or referring others to your product or service. This can help attract new customers and drive further growth. Videos in this part of the funnel focus on two things: training users so they can understand your product better and building a relationship between you and your customer. These videos can include:

  1. Brand anthems
  2. Newsletters
  3. Educational videos
  4. Personal videos
  5. Culture
  6. Vlogs / Video podcasts
  7. Training videos
  8. Training shorts
  9. Brand Documentaries

Next steps on your video journey

Now that you’ve got a sense of how many different kinds of videos you can make, you’re probably thinking how do I create them? We’ve got you covered there, too. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing posts that take a deeper dive into these video types, best practices for utilizing them, and how to monitor their success.

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