AdPipe Announces Series A with a Video from the Founders

This video is for the Pipettes, the AdPipe team, the Athens and Atlanta community, the greater technology community of Georgia, all of our customers, and everyone who has been with us since the beginning.

This is a milestone moment for our company.

We are so excited to announce the continuation of our growth and the raising of our Series A capital round.

And we’re doubling down on our investment in Georgia. Alongside Atlanta Ventures and Tom Noonan, we’re gonna continue to develop and grow AdPipe in this great state.

So what are we doing? Let’s break it down really simple.

If you are an amazing team that is stretched thin, AdPipe is here to help.

We are investing in computer vision to unlock your content.

If you can post visual and motion-first content every day, your brand will grow.

And you can do it with the content you have already invested in. The stuff that is sitting on a dormant hard drive or in a DAM or on Dropbox and it’s just scattered across the organization.

We’re helping link all that together so that the marketing team in your organization can consistently share that across the network.

Here is how it works:

Use AI Search to generate relevant, brand-approved clips, in seconds from a centralized content library.
Use simple editing tools within AdPipe or seamlessly transition into your usual workflow to create the way you know best.
Share your library with any team in your organization to get brand-approved content out to market consistently.
Get content out faster and post a consistent stream of content to all of your marketing channels.

Meet Mo:

P.S. This is our mascot Mo, or in a more formal setting, Mo Zarella. 

You will see him around the platform. He is there to keep you company and help you finish up your work so you can go get a slice of pizza.

See a demo with your own content!

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