Standout at Trade Shows Using Motion

Standout at Tradeshows with video

Trade Shows are a great place to connect with potential clients, visit partners, and explore new opportunities. In this ever-competitive arena, standing out is critical!

Learn how to elevate your trade show experience, communicate effectively to your audience, and help your brand stand out amongst the busy trade show floor.

Add Motion to Your Booth Design

Elevate your booth with TVs and digital displays, showcasing dynamic videos. This strategy, focusing on motion-first content, draws in attendees, offering them an engaging brand experience. 

AdPipe simplifies the creation of these engaging visuals, ensuring your booth stands out and captures more interest.

Pre-Show Buzz with Targeted Campaigns

Start early! Build an eye-catching campaign to create a buzz before the event. Plan and customize your campaigns to reach attendees who are most likely to be interested in your products or services.


Gather assets you already have at your disposal for your pre-show communications. Team photos, product shots, and location imagery are usually a great place to start!

Don’t forget, many trade shows have a supply of photos and logos on their websites for advertising purposes, so be sure to incorporate those assets into your pre-show campaign.


Design motion-first ads using what you have gathered to showcase your trade show presence. These can include graphics to announce your booth number, what events you’ll be attending, exclusive offers, or any new product releases. 

A great way to engage with other attendees and build hype around the event is to post a countdown to your trade show debut, reminding your audience why they can’t miss visiting your booth!


Post your new motion-first content to all of your usual channels to reach trade show attendees, industry professionals, and influencers before the event. The most important thing is to post consistently.

Trade show countdown example

Engage and Capture Leads in Real-Time with AdPipe

During the trade show, it’s all about engagement and lead capture. AdPipe’s efficient tools are your best ally here to get posts out in real-time.

Our last blog was all about capturing video at trade shows. Be sure to capture footage each day and upload it to AdPipe! 

Create campaigns (posts) in seconds:

With your content in AdPipe, use AI Search to quickly find the exact clip you are looking for in seconds, then add an overlay or sticker in the Generator to quickly create a post during the trade show.

Showing off your booth on day 1, daily recaps and surprise announcements are all great ways to engage your audience in the moment.

AI Copywriter:

Combine both tools to personalize your communications to potential customers quickly. Use AdPipe’s AI copywriter and avoid spending time writing copy.

Follow-Up Campaigns Post-Show

The trade show might be over, but the journey with your leads isn’t. Post-show follow-ups are critical, and AdPipe streamlines this process.

Using AdPipe for Emails: 

Use the leads collected to send personalized email campaigns. Share links in AdPipe allow you to easily integrate graphics into your emails to direct leads to your website.

Retargeting Ads:

Implement retargeting campaigns to stay top of mind with the attendees who have visited your booth or have interacted with your online content.

Using AdPipe for Emails


Trade shows offer a unique opportunity to connect with your audience in a dynamic environment. By integrating AdPipe into your trade show strategy, you can amplify your presence, engage more effectively with attendees, and drive tangible results. 

Start planning your next trade show with AdPipe and experience the difference!

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