Clearer messages. Better connections.

AdPipe helps you engage your audience where they are, in a format they’re more likely to consume. AdPipe’s motion-first philosophy turns your existing videos into fresh creative so you can connect with your audience on a deeper level.

We’re trusted by the best in the business

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Why AdPipe?

We experience our lives in motion. So it’s no surprise that your audience prefers messages in motion. With AdPipe, you can drive more meaningful interactions with your ideal customer across every channel.

Less time, more output

With AdPipe, you can leave the constant content generation to us. Our platform helps you trim videos, apply custom template designs, draft campaign copy, and create new assets in minutes. Enjoy more time for strategy and accomplishing other business objectives.

15x more cost effective

AdPipe assets cost 15x less than similar creative delivered by an agency or production house. You won’t have to deal with all the back and forth involved with a traditional agency. Plus, you can immediately generate first draft campaign copy with one click. Greater efficiency, more content, higher ROI.

Proven increase in CTR

Customers using AdPipe have seen 400% increases in conversion rates with AdPipe-generated content vs. their former creative. Get instant personalization on your ads and social channels and take engagement to a whole new level.

Wait, I can use the videos I already have?

AdPipe was built with the goal of repurposing and repackaging your existing videos. It’s not about creating more and more and more. It’s about making the most out of what you have.

No new video production required

You don’t need new videos every quarter. AdPipe leverages your existing video library to find the best clips.

Prove a higher ROI from the videos you've made

AdPipe maximizes the value of every video you’ve produced by giving them a new life as bite-sized, shareable moments.

But I love my static visuals...

Said no one ever. The problem is that companies often get stuck with static because they think motion requires more time, money, and special expertise to do.

Custom motion-based overlays made for you

We make motion incredibly easy for your team to leverage, crafting custom animations and motion-based graphics that you can package into new assets with two clicks.

A motion graphic generator so simple even you can use it

AdPipe’s intuitive interface and simple 3-step process generates new motion-based graphics in a matter of minutes.

The copy will really be written for me?

Our AI-powered Copywriter tool instantly generates a first draft from just a few keywords. Say goodbye to writer’s block. Say hello to dozens of LinkedIn posts, ad headlines, email drafts, and tweets with the click of a button.

No lengthy prompts or briefs required

All you need to input are a few words and the channel you’re writing for. Our bot does the rest.

Create clever content even on Friday brain

Effortlessly write weeks worth of content. Edit the text, add it into a motion-first asset, and publish in under three minutes.

It really makes me excited to have a consistent message and theme to everything that we produce across all the channels and do it very quickly.
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Cory Birch, Marketing GM

What about all the other objectives I have?

Balancing different priorities and goals is always a challenge, so we built AdPipe to be flexible enough to handle it all. Our team works with you to devise a strategy for how to deploy motion for unique objectives, and our platform makes it possible. 

Strategic movement on your primary goals

Each of your objectives and core messages can be accommodated with custom motion overlays tailored to serve various goals.

A consistent look matched to your brand guidelines

You can set approved overlays and custom fonts to protect your brand and ensure consistency across every motion graphic.

Will it work on my crappy computer?

Yes! We’ve optimized how we manage large file sizes and complex animations to work on even the slowest of computers.

Seamless performance on incredibly slow PCs

Even the slowest computers are compatible with AdPipe’s browser-based software.

The full motion experience without excessive bandwidth

Motion can be a memory hog, but we’ve coded the platform to ensure it doesn’t hog your computer’s memory.

Ready to put your strategy in motion?

If you want to take action and get ahead of your objectives, you’re in the right place.