Maximize the value of your existing content

Generate new ideas from the great ones you already had. AdPipe leverages AI models to automatically repurpose your videos into high-quality content for a variety of channels so you can spend your time on other priorities.

What used to take 6+ hours now takes customers 20 minutes with AdPipe.

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3 reasons why marketers love AdPipe for repurposing their content:


Fill up your content calendar in a matter of minutes

AdPipe can save you hours of time by automatically creating new content for social and other digital campaigns based on your existing media. Our AI-powered content repurposing engine sifts through your videos and images and suggests high-quality motion overlays and animations to tailor it to your business objectives. Build a month’s worth of engaging posts and emails in a matter of minutes for all your online channels.


Improve engagement by integrating motion into your campaigns

Creating motion-based campaigns no longer requires special expertise or a motion graphics expert. AdPipe’s AI will pull the best moments from your existing videos to repackage content in new ways for highly engaging ads and posts. It’s never been easier to leverage motion for more engagement and conversions.


Reach a wider audience and expand your reach across every channel

Your audience lives on more than just one platform, but your team’s bandwidth is limited. AdPipe makes it exceptionally easy to distribute unique content anywhere your audience lives for a wider reach. With our AI-backed generator, you can automatically build distinct posts for any social channel in seconds, all leveraging the videos and images you’ve already produced.

Utilize your content more effectively than ever before

Try AdPipe today and see how it can help you save time, improve engagement, and reach a wider audience with your content repurposing efforts.

Your videos and images,
masterfully repurposed

One platform gives you everything you need to never run out of content again. Here are a few highlights of what you’ll gain with AdPipe:

Content Repository

Find the media you need, when you need it, all in one place

Repurposing Engine

Turn old videos and images into new content in seconds

Campaign Builder

Repurpose and auto-generate posts and other campaigns

Multi-channel Support

Get content in the right size and format for all major channels

Motion-first Creative

Never settle for static again. Build motion-based graphics with ease

Custom Creative Services

Get the exact look and feel you want with custom designs from our team


Companies that repurpose their content saw a 27% increase in leads


Companies that repurposed their content saw a 30% increase in sales


AdPipe social content receives 2-5x higher conversion rates on average than the industry standard.

Tour the platform today. Repurpose your videos tomorrow.

Your content is powerful. Let’s give it the spotlight it deserves. Get a demo and see how AdPipe can help you improve your marketing results with content repurposing.