Automate the creative production process

Achieve unparalleled go-to-market timelines with your ads and campaigns. AdPipe’s AI-powered platform delivers faster, more relevant, video-based ads in seconds. No more manual work resizing, cropping, or clipping. It’s done for you, automatically.

What used to take 6+ hours now takes customers 20 minutes with AdPipe.

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3 reasons why marketers choose AdPipe for creative automation:


Refresh your creative in a matter of seconds

AdPipe is the perfect solution for marketers who want to save time and create engaging creative for their digital campaigns. The platform automatically creates new ads from your videos and images, topped with motion overlays and animations to tailor your content to your business objectives. You can get all your ad design needs met without any motion design expertise.


Optimize your campaigns for higher conversions

Motion is proven to be 12x more effective than static content yet most campaign automation solutions aren’t able to support it. AdPipe marries its motion-first approach and strength in video with creative automation AI to generate video-based graphics that yield more engagement and conversions.


Centralize your most important brand assets

Keep track of not just your approved creative, but of all the ingredients used to make it. AdPipe provides a central repository for all your videos, images, clips, graphics, and animations in organized, searchable libraries. Ensure brand consistency and roll out relevant creative easily with AdPipe’s actionable approach to storage.

See how you can improve performance
with creative automation

Try AdPipe today and discover the advantages of on-brand, motion-based ads at scale.

Your videos and images,
automatically turned into new creative

One platform, limitless creative automation by repurposing your existing, high-performing content. Here’s a quick overview of how you’ll streamline your process with AdPipe:

Content Repository

Store all the media you need in one easy-to-use location

Repurposing Engine

Leverage old videos and images for fresh ideas

Campaign Builder

Create an entire, multi-channel campaign in seconds

Automatic resizing

Easily adapt designs in the right size and format for all major channels

Copywriter AI

Auto-draft high-converting content like headings, copy and CTAs

Custom Creative Services

Get animations and creative tailor made for your brand and creative style


70% of marketers believe creative automation will be essential to their success in the next 5 years


Companies using AdPipe creative see 2-5x higher conversion rates on average than the industry standard


Marketers can save around 17 hours per week with creative automation

Tour the platform today. Automate your creative tomorrow.

Reclaim your time and accelerate the process of getting new creative to market. Get a demo and see how AdPipe can help you take your marketing campaigns to the next level.