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Murphy saw a 70% increase in video content over 6 month period.

Congratulations to our $50k Video Package winners!

Keating Tractor & Equipment and Stotz Equipment

Stotz had a 23% increase in click through rate

Current Customers


“We thought we needed 10 different tools and an army of video production experts, but AdPipe’s platform and support lets us get work out the door.”

Murphy Tractor & Equipment

“They really provided something that we cannot get anywhere else, which is that curation of assets and cataloging of assets. It really gets better the more you use it.”


“It was super easy. I think that’s the strong point of AdPipe. My grandma could go in and make this.”

Discover the power of your existing media

You wouldn’t buy a car and only drive it once – so why should a video you spent money to create only show up on social once? AdPipe lets you access the value hidden in your library of assets. Let us show you how you can create new content out of what you already have.

How AdPipe and John Deere can work together

Limitless content for your funnel

Transform one video into hundreds of new assets. Whether you’re trying to fill up your social calendar or freshen up paid ads, AdPipe can get you there in just a few clicks.

Access up to 30+ hours of existing footage

With network sharing instantly access to more than 171 videos and assets from John Deere to use across your funnel.

Tools that let you publish faster

Do more in less time. AdPipe lets you manage, create, and repurpose content all from one easy-to-use AI-powered tool.

Ready-to-go John Deere brand graphics

Access more than a dozen editable templates designed for John Deere dealerships to effortlessly keep all your content on brand.

AI Search that finds what you need

Stop spending hours hunting down that perfect asset you could swear you saw somewhere. Our AI-powered search will take you straight to it based on a couple of keywords making marketing efforts more cohesive, less time-consuming, and enjoyable.

Get more conversions with video

Increase the amount of motion assets in your funnel to boost engagement and followers. More motion in market = more conversions.

Seamless Collaboration

Enabled your team to access your content and collaborate regardless of remote or hybrid work environments.

Simple ways to monitor success

Partner with our CS team to monitor how your content is performing on a regular cadence. Then take what’s working well and build on it across multiple platforms.

Custom asset creation

Need a graphic or asset you don’t see in your library? Our team will help you create a custom asset that meets your needs.

Get in touch and start differentiating your brand with motion